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Video Surveys
Short term traffic surveys (am/pm peeks, 12hour/24 hour duration) can be undertaken with high resolution video cameras which allow detailed analysis of a greater variety of vehicle and pedestrian information. Our extensive stock of cameras and equipment allow large numbers of junctions to be surveyed simultaneously.

Video surveys will also allow accurate analysis of particularly busy junctions and roads which are subject to heavy queuing. Depending on the survey area and the type of survey required, cameras can either be tripod mounted (e.g. for number plate surveys or ATC verification) or mast/vehicle mounted (e.g. for classified turning movements).

Results are available on hard copy and Excel-compatible disk copy, and video tapes of surveys are also available to the client on request. As with all survey requests, we will be happy to consult with you to provide the most accurate method for data collection to suit your particular needs.

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