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Road Runner T.C.A. Ltd has been trading in the traffic data collection field for longer than any other company - over 21 years. These many years of public and private sector experience have given us�an unrivalled knowledge of the skills and techniques involved in installing automatic traffic counters. Our skilled fitting teams will ensure that whatever the type of location or installation required, you can be sure of sound reliable results delivered on schedule.

We have over�two hundred�automatic traffic counters in service including Peek 5000 and 6000 series counters, Peek ADR1000 Series counters, Golden River Marksman and Archer counters, Metrocount 5600+ counters and Road Runner TCA's own RR160 series. This range of makes means that we can collect data and output results in your preferred format, saving you valuable time.

The variety of automatic surveys that we can undertake is constantly growing with advances in counter and software technology, so if you don't see the survey you require or are unsure how best to instruct us about collecting a specific type of data, please ask one of our sales staff for advice as they will be pleased to help. It is our aim to make available the most cost effective and accurate data collection methods and utilise these methods to attain the highest levels of accuracy for our clients.

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