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Mechanical Hand Tally Counters An ideal product for any type of survey where accuracy of data is vital. Allows enumerators to concentrate on logging data without the distraction of trying to remember numbers, especially over lengthy periods of time.A wide range of sizes is available to suit all possible survey specifications. Precision engineered, these fully mechanical counters need no batteries and are able to withstand even the roughest handling. Easily read digits are shown in black on a white background. Proven areas of use; All types of surveying and market research, local government projects, vehicle and pedestrian traffic surveys, industrial, scientific research, entertainment venues, sports grounds, transport studies etc.

Reconditioned tallies, also available for hire, are sometimes available for purchase depending on supplies in stock. Bench mounted single tallies which can be screwed down to a surface are also available for purchase. Hand tallies are also available for hire.

Handle style changes
We are now pleased to announce changes to the design of the reset handles on our hand tally counters. Handles now have a non-slip lug which rotates easily and smoothly back to the 'zero' position quickly and easily.

Multiple stand sets
Stand Sets are available for multiple tallies from three bank to eight bank sizes. Easily attached, they will keep your tallies upright when being used on a desk or other surface. We can also use stands to mount hand tally counters onto clipboards.

Hand Tally Colours
Hand Tally Counters can now be purchased in a variety of highly visible colours which allow you to individualise your own stock to suit your company or department. Minimum How to Order quantities apply.

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