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Road Clamps
Designed to hold rubber tube firmly in position on the road surface, the brass treated three-ply canvas design gives strength and resilience when surveying. Tube damage is minimised as no contact is made with the metal part of the clamp and the rubberised canvass helps to keep the tube in place, preventing stretching and slapping .The brass body allows a secure non-slip grip for the fixing nails, making these clamps the surest way of keeping road tube fastened onto the road surface during surveying.

Please specify your required nail hole size when ordering. As a rule, if you are using PK masonry nails you will require a 0.250" nail hole and if you are using Tower nails you will require a 0.140 nail hole. If you are unsure of your needs we will be happy to advise you.

Standard Road Clamp:
Standard road clamp
Available in 'O' Section or 'D' Section fit.
Brass body with 3-ply canvas hump.
Available with .140" or .250" nail holes depending on fixing nails being used).
Catalogue numbers:
'O' Section CA189
'D' Section CA192
Open End Road Clamp:
Open End Road Clamp
Will open at one end and allow replacement or re-attachment of the clamp without lifting the
road tubes.
Available to fit both 'O' and 'D' section tube.
Available with both .140" and .250" nail holes.
Catalogue numbers:
'O' Section CA190
'D' Section CA193
Flat Strap Road Clamp:
Flat Strap Road Clamp
No brass underplate
For use in situations of light traffic flow or to reinforce end plates and lose clamps
Brass and 3-ply Canvas
Available to fit both 'O' and 'D' section tube
Catalogue numbers:
'O' Section CA195
'D' Section CA268
End Plate:
End Plate
Weather protected steel plate for the strongest possible hold to the road surface
Placed at the end of the road tube where tension is greatest
Three nail grip
Catalogue numbers:
'O' Section CA191
'D' Section CA194

Specialised Clamps
The following clamps have their own specialised use in the installation of ATC tubes. We recommend that they are used to space or tension tubes on lighter trafficked roads. We do not recommend that they are used on their own without brass/canvass clamps as anchorage unless there is only light traffic or the traffic speed is slow.

"Figure of 8" Clamp:
'Figure of 8' Clamp
Made from woven stainless steel with a preformed nail loop for fastening with one nail.
Can be moved to grip the end or middle of the road tube.
Catalogue number: CA328
Chinese Fingers:
Chinese Fingers
Woven stainless steel tube grip with single 5/8" nail hole.
Can be used to maintain tube spacing when measuring speed, classifying etc or as an end plate
in light traffic situations
Catalogue numbers:
'O' Section CA196
'D' Section CA197
"C" Clamp:
'C' Clamp
Made from galvanised steel and placed at the end of the road tube.
Fixes with either 0.140" or 0.250" road nails.
To fit 'O' Section road tube only.
Catalogue number: CA198
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