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ATC Surveys
With over 21 years of experience and the latest data gathering technology, we will be able to meet your traffic survey requirements. We have hundreds of automatic traffic counters and classifiers in stock and specialise in undertaking even the largest surveys at short notice.

And remember that we are one of the very few data collection companies in the UK that can offer you all of the following:

  • Peace of mind with full Insurance Cover
  • Peace of mind on Health & Safety Requirements
  • Peace of mind on Quality Assurance Requirements
  • Peace of mind on Environmental Issues
  • Vehicle Volume
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Vehicle Gap Vehicle Axle Classification
  • Vehicle Headway
  • Vehicle Length
  • Surveys plotting speed, class, length etc against each other in various combinations
  • Vehicle By Vehicle studies - all data on all vehicles
  • All file formats supported
  • Safety Camera Studies
  • Cycle Lane Studies

Surveys will usually be undertaken with temporary tubes but loops may sometimes be used where conditions dictate. Automatic traffic surveys can be undertaken in conjunction with manual surveys to provide an overall traffic movement picture.

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